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Our Core Services

Tax Preparation

Your tax liability is most likely a significant expense in any given tax year. We are available to help estimate that tax liability and help you prepare for it. Consult with us prior to making significant transactions. We can help you assess the tax consequences and identify alternative approaches.

TriStar CPAs' tax professionals help clients navigate changing tax laws. We continually monitor changes in the tax code and recent court decisions to stay up to date as we prepare federal, state and local tax returns for individuals, not-for-profits, and small business entities.

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Retirement Planning

TriStar CPAs offer a new and exciting service that is designed to put clients in the driver's seat as they explore retirement projections and "draw-down" scenarios. Get strategic about when to tap into each of your retirement savings, investments and assets. Pensions, 401Ks, IRAs, HSAs, Roth accounts ... what assets will feed your retirement years, at what level and when? We help you answer these questions to arrive at a retirement plan that you can understand and implement year to year. Tell us where you want to be and we'll help you map it out. Call today to set up your consultation.

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Financial Planning

From Business Process Reengineering and Process Improvement to Individual Retirement Planning and Budgeting, the specialists at TriStar CPAs provide the expertise and consultation you need to improve operations, improve financial reporting and prepare for your personal retirement.

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Certified as Quickbooks Online ProAdvisors, the bookkeeping specialists at TriStar CPAs put your financial information at your fingertips when you need it no matter where you are. Our services include write ups, periodic reporting to the owner or board, and all filings with local, state and federal governments. We help small businesses establish separation of duties which helps protect against fraud and embezzlement.

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Why Choose us


We’re certified. We’re experienced. We’re organized. We’re secure. We’re green. AND we're accessible!  Improve work/life balance by partnering with TriStar CPAs to acquire the skill set you need to organize efficient processes, plan for future growth of your business, and streamline your bookkeeping and financial reporting. And what about those tax returns? We actually enjoy preparing them ... AWESOME!


Pick your favorite mode of communication and we'll work with it. Phone, text, email, fax, mail ... even face-to-face (remember those days?) Our goal is to return a response or a status update within 24 hours if you've reached out to us. We try to keep clients current, so you may receive periodic emails initiated by our staff with information specific to your situation. Having "hot-off-the-press" information will help you make timely adjustments to your financial strategies.